French and vegetarians

Why do French people swear by red meat? Whenever I go to the doctors, I get a lecture on the benefits of a nice juicy steak as if it that was the answer to all my problems!
When I  point out that I do not eat meat and I’m not about to, they regard me suspiciously. »Oh, you’re a vegetarian! » shock horror.
Well no, I’m not a true vegetarian as I eat fish once or twice a week.
I ‘ve never liked meat, red meat in particular.I don’t digest it well and hate the taste and feel of it once you’ve chewed once or twice and all you’re left with is that lump in your mouth which then sits in your stomach like
 a stone for hours.
As a child, I already struggled with the idea of eating animals and as I became more aware of how animals are raised, sometimes in appalling conditions, I slowly stopped eating it altogether.
The truth is no-one needs to eat meat in order to stay healthy, it is a choice you make.The chances are you will  be much healthier if you abstain from eating meat or reduce your intake, provided of course, you have an otherwise well-balanced diet.
Nothing will convince me to start eating meat again.Choice in french restaurants can be very limited so you have to be creative. Usually asking nicely for an alternative will do the trick though.


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