It’s your life, what are you going to make of it ?!

Leaving your past where it belongs

Don’t hang on to your past.It may have hurt but it will never hurt you again in the same way.
Talking about it helps but ultimately you need to leave the past where it belongs and start living your life.Clinging to a painful childhood or unhappy experiences will only make you miserable and better, and what’s the point of that.
Some people justify their actions because of the way they were brought up or the way they are treated, others are told that history repeats itself.It doesn’t have to be that way.You are in control of your life, life is what you make it, you just need to remember that and realise it is never too late to change.

You can’t change your past but you can choose  to take control and to decide how you want to live the rest your life.

Here’s my story :


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