Food, or cute little animals…

As we were eating dinner yesterday, I happened to tease my daughter mercilessly, couldn’t help it.I know, slap on the wrist, bad Mummy!

I don’t eat meat and I rarely cook it, maybe 3 times a year, if that.My children are used to it, they also have a choice whether they do eat  meat or not.They do eat fish though and they ‘ve learnt where their food comes from.

On this occasion though, I cooked gammon.My daughter kept saying how nice it was, so much so that I « jokingly » reminded her that « lovely meat » had been a little pig not so long ago.

Of course, other people joined in, my daughter played the drama queen and thus more teasing ensued.It was so hilarious, my ribs are still hurting.I know…

Anyway, she did enjoy her meal, even though she was a little uncomfortable with the concept of animals raised and slaughtered for our consumption.

There have been times when I thought she was very close to becoming a vegetarian.Still, that’s up to her to decide.For now, I’m just glad she eats sensibly and is healthy.

PS No « bunnies » were harmed or traumatised, just a little bit of harmless fun.


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