The One I Love !

Something magical happened that day
That wonderful day I first laid my eyes on you
I was literally transfixed
Not knowing this force inside of me
I saw you… not just the physical you

This aura around you, like an enchantment
I was enchanted, under your spell
I recognised you like you recognised me
You made my heart flutter again
In a way I didn’t know possible

This dream so beautiful, so magical
I couldn’t bear it shattering
Forever doubting your universe

As I fought this tidal wave of emotions
Your gentleness, softly persuading me

You never stopped believing
The light was shining again
The pain fading away
We drowned in each other’s arms
Forgetting who we were

You healed my heart
You healed my soul
The unhappiness gone
Free at last
To be who we are.


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