Smile, you’re in France

Letters: Reasons to be cheerful in FranceThe Connexion

Pensions strikes, excessive bank fees, tax bills, healthcare costs… there is a lot of doom and gloom news out there at the moment.
So we asked Connexion newsletter readers for their reasons to be cheerful – what it is about life in France that brings a smile to their face.

Good food, fresh products, good healthcare, markets, culture, diversity…


What about you? What do you love and what are your pet hates?

There is always a downside of course, but that applies anywhere you go.

Le parc Montsouris retrouve ses cygnes

Deux couples de cygnes, noirs à bec rouge originaire d’Australie et blancs originaires de Pologne ont été réintroduits au Parc Montsouris. Ils règnent majestueusement sur le lac, au milieu de la faune locale, sans « prise de bec ».